PAASCU- FAAP Accredited

Statefields School was accredited by the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges, and Universities (PAASCU) and the Federation of Accrediting Agencies of the Philippines (FAAP) in May of 2013. PAASCU and FAAP recognize Statefields School as an educational institution which meets accepted standards of quality or excellence and which constantly and continuously upgrades its curricular offerings, instruction and services through self-evaluation and the judgment of peers.

EETA Recipient

In April of 2013, Statefields School received a prestigious award from the Bayan Academy and Knowledge Channel - the Educational Excellence and Transformation Award (EETA) for its outstanding innovative efforts in evolving and transforming into an institution that promotes learning effectiveness and school efficiency while being true to its philosophy, vision, mission and objectives. EETA pays tribute to schools with the best practices and educational strategies that are worth sharing with other schools.

Competent Management Team

The team provides a clear and focused vision, sets high standards and expectations, and keeps their faculty, staff and students abreast with innovations, thus, promoting a culture of excellence and continuous improvement. The team is composed of highly qualified and purpose-driven leaders and managers as evidenced by the School Leadership Excellence Award received by SSI from the Center for Educational Measurement (CEM) in 2009.

Highly Trained and Self-Motivated Teachers

Teachers of Statefields School are self-motivated to achieve high standards of performance through effective delivery of carefully planned learning strategies that lead to student achievement and the realization of our Vision and Mission (VM) statements. Teachers are guided by the VM statements as they design learning experiences of the students. It is also the VM statements that inspire the academic officers and the teachers to welcome, embrace and institute innovations to propel educational transformation of the school in general.

The Faculty Development Program covers these areas: professional development, curriculum development, spiritual development, social–cultural development, and personality development. The program prepares teachers for their professional work as they carry out their responsibilities. Training is 5 weeks for newly hired teachers and 3 weeks for experienced and returning teachers.


Innovative, Relevant, Meaningful, and Challenging Curriculum with Focus on Multiple Intelligences, Values, 21st Century Skills and Holistic Assessment to prepare learners for higher education, employment, or entrepreneurship

The curriculum, which complies with the Kto12 Basic Education Program of the Department of Education and is further enriched with the integration of constructivism and blended learning, aims to hone the students’ multiple intelligences and to promote positive values, good habits of mind, and 21st century skills to enable them to become the prime movers of society who can meet the demands of our technology-driven world and the intensely competitive workplace of the future. Love for learning is nurtured and supported through varied school experiences that provide for different learners and their learning styles and prepare them for life


Loving, Nurturing, Safe, and Stimulating Academic Atmosphere

The school gives premium to the safety and security of students. Brain research shows that children learn effectively if they know that they are physically and psychologically safe. The school administration has built on and enforced the highest standards of safety and security, accompanied by strict policies and procedures that are implemented within the school campus. 

Supportive Student Services

Student services and library program support curriculum and instruction. The use of technology in its systems and procedures ensures efficiency and effective delivery of services.

Up to date Facilities

Elementary science, general science, physics, chemistry, and biology laboratories; TLE (basic computer, computer hardware servicing and programming, electronics, electrical, drafting, cookery, baking and basic home economics) shops and laboratories; music room, art room; provisions for sports and performing arts (gymnasium, open court, multipurpose halls, multimedia centers, and dance studio); enhanced Learning Resource Center; widened canteens that offer a variety of healthy food choices; pro-student and caring Guidance Center; spacious clinic, students’ study area are testaments to management’s commitment to promote and preserve the students’ interest and total development.

Use of technology


Use of technology and multimedia for teaching is incorporated in classroom teaching to support teaching and learning. These supplement the development of the students’ multiple intelligences. The school uses technology in management systems- grading, LRC, accounting, personnel, and registration.


Students are allowed to use gadgets only for learning and legitimate communication purposes.


School Activities

Statefields School bursts with student activities and performances that bring so much pride to the school. Activities are varied to enhance the multiple intelligences, develop 21st century skills and imbibe in the students’ positive values and good habits of mind. Competent and talented in-house and outside coaches train students for specific sports and performing arts. These activities keep the students occupied with worthwhile endeavors in order to prevent them from engaging in harmful activities such as drugs, fraternities, etc.

Administrative practices allow for more involvement of parents, students, alumni and other stakeholders in various student activities.

Partnership with Prestigious Institutions and Organizations

 SSI has partnered with prestigious organizations and institutions like the National Red Cross (for the school’s biennial bloodletting program), Gawad Kalinga (housing project for the poor), and Molino Elementary School (as the school’s beneficiary for its EduCareMent program); Lyceum of the Philippines (for above-par Library service and program); the Security Bank (for the school’s Saving program for all its students); and the Ayala-Alabang Madrigal Business Park Group of Companies (for Senior High School students’ Work Immersion Program) just to name a few to promote the optimal holistic development of its students.

Impact of SSI on our students:

  • Winning in inter-school, nationwide and international competitions
  • Performing confidently in big auditoriums, malls and other venues
  • Passing the admission tests of top universities: UP, DLSU, Ateneo, UST
  • Qualifying to scholarships in these top universities
  • Maintaining student population of at least 2,500
  • High CEM scores
  • Consistently among the top performing schools in NAT in the division
  • Participating in and contributing to various community service projects
  • Responding to calls for donations and relief operations
  • High involvement of parents, students, and alumni

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