Good health, good moral character, mental / psychological capacity and competence are essential requisites for school admission of regular students. Admission is granted with definite understanding that the students and the parents/ guardians agree to comply with the scholastic standards, rules and regulations of the school. The school reserves the right to treat all violations of the rules and regulations in accordance with its systems of discipline and guidance.

Likewise, to refuse admission to any student with delinquent records and those who have been dismissed or expelled for cause from another school.
Admission to the school is a privilege, not a right. The school will admit only students who meet and pass its academic, age, and conduct requirements. The requirements and enrollment procedures are as follows:

1.1 1 pc. Photocopy of the latest Report Card (Form 138)
  a) Grades not in numeric form must be provided with numerical equivalent.
b) English translation must be provided for report cards using other languages.
1.2 Birth Certificate from the National Statistical Office (NSO) (Original and 1 pc photocopy)
Good Moral Certificate
1.3 2 pcs. 1”X1” ID Colored Picture with blue or white background
1.4 1 pc. Long Size Plastic Envelope 
1.5 Recommendation Form (required from Kindergarten to Grade 12 applicants) Forms are available at the Registrar’s Office and downloadable from the school website,  Filled-out Recommendation Form should be submitted before the release of the Entrance Test result.
2.1 No Grade Lower than 80 in major subjects.
Note: If there are grades lower than 80 in major subjects (English, Math & Science), parent/guardian should write a letter addressed to our Principal to allow the applicant to take the entrance exam despite our requirement. Parent/guardian should wait for further notice from the Admission/Registrar Department to be able to continue with the application process.
2.2 Conduct mark should be satisfactory
2.3 Good Moral Certificate (For Grade 4 to Grade 12 applicants only)
3.1 Nursery 1 Applicant must be 3 yrs. old by June
3.2 Nursery Applicant must be 4 yrs. old by June
3.3 Kindergarten Applicant must be 5 yrs. old by June
3.4 Grade 1 Applicant must be Kindergarten completer

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