November 2017 Calendar of Activities

6     Classes resume for PS-JHS

7     Grade 4 Symposium

     SHS Back to School

9     Grade 10 Symposium

10     First Friday Mass

     VE Convocation

     N1 Adaptation

11     MTAP Season 2 Session 1

     JSHS Parenting Seminar

13-17     ST2 for ES and JHS

17     N2 Adaptation

20-23     ST2 for PS

20-24     ES-JHS ST Special Subjects

     English Week

     School Book Fair

21     JHS CL/VE Term Exams

22     PACT/POIS

24     PS Literary

     First Holy Communion Parents' Orientation

25     MTAP Session 2

28     Christmas Games Launching

29     ES CL/VE Term Exams

     Christmas Tree Lighting

30    HOLIDAY - Bonifacio Day



      Note: Please wait for SPI to be released for further details. Activities are subject to change


*** Subject to change as deemed necessary***