January 2019 Calendar of Activities

8      Resumption of classes for all levels

     PS, ES, and JHS Free Day for Best and Second Best Blogger Classes

11     First Friday Mass / VE Convocation

11-12     Grade 10 A&B Retreat

15-17     ES/JHS Term Exams

18     ES/JHS Student Holiday

18-19     Grade 10 C&D Retreat

20     Grade 12 STEM Science Cluster Medical Mission

21-23   SHS Midterm Exams

25     PS Student Holiday

     Grade 10 E&F Retreat

     Grade 11 Teambuilding - Day-out

26     ILEAD

30     Pre-Founders' Month Cultural Show for PS - Grade 4 Classes 


      Note: Please wait for SPI to be released for further details. Activities are subject to change


*** Subject to change as deemed necessary***