November 2018 Calendar of Activities

5     Classes Resume for all Levels

6-8     SHS Final Exams

9     First Friday Mass / VE Convocation

     Kinder Field Trip

     N1 Community Adaptation

10     SPA Resumption

     JSHS Parenting Seminar

12     PS ST1

13     Grade 8 CEM

     PACT and CCIP Exam

14     Preschool to ES 2 Mufti Day

15     Grade 10 Symposium

16     N2 Community Adaptation

     PS Parent Storytelling

     ES 3-6 Mufti Day

12-16     ES English Week Celebration

17     iLEAD Institute: Integrating 21st Century Skills in the Classroom

19     Start of LRC Christmas Games

     Start of SHS Work Immersion

19-23     School Book Fair

20     Grade 10 Career Day

21     ES 1&2 Parent Storytelling

22     JHS Mufti Day

23     FHC Parent Orientation

     PS Literary

24     PS ES JHS PTI

27     Grade 6 Field Trip

23-28     JHS English Week Celebration

29     Christmas Tree Lighting

30     HOLIDAY - Bonifacio Day

     End of SHS Work Immersion



      Note: Please wait for SPI to be released for further details. Activities are subject to change


*** Subject to change as deemed necessary***