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School Ground & Facade 
Shown here is the school main building. School offices, preschool and SPED Department are found in the ground floor.
The Lobby 
A beautiful mural welcomes everybody at the lobby of Statefields School
A place for solitude and prayer to cultivate students interpersonal intelligence.
It is equipped with dental and medical facilities and competent staff-dentist, doctor and full-time nurses.
Pre School Play Ground 
Designed for the preschool students for their outdoor play. Spacious and wide it is fit for their body-kinaesthetic activities.
Open Basketball Court 
There are six basketball courts on the school ground, for both juniors and seniors alike to develop their sports skills.
Contains various manipulative and learning resources to develop students skill in different MI areas: Word Smart, Number Smart, Body Smart, Picture Smart, Music Smart, Self Smart, People Smart and Nature Smart.
Technical Arts Room 
Another gender-free program we are offering for high school is Technical Arts where the students are taught simple carpentry, electrical and metal works using this facility.
Soccer Field 
Soccer is part of the sports program offered at Statefields. Interested students can use this field during Thursday and Friday(interest club days) and during their P.E. periods and is located near the commercial building beside Wood Estate.
One of the biggest here in Cavite, the gym can accommodate a thousand of people.
The gym has eight indoor basketball courts and mezzanines on both sides used for other sports and activities such as table tennis, chess and others.
Learning Resource Center 
A spacious area containing a wide variety of books for students' research and SRLP program (Silent Reading for Learning and Pleasure).The LRC caters to students of all levels. computers are provided or easy browsing and locating of books, likewise for internet research.
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