SSI at 21: Excellence in the face of the New Normal

BACOOR CITY, Philippines -  The direction of everything going virtual due to the pandemic did not dampen nor lessen the festive feel every Founders’ month gives to the members of the SSI community.

     Sans the face-to-face classes, SSI held several activities online in celebration of its annual Founders’ Month in February. From fairs to festive hats, each department showcased their love and appreciation for the school last February 22 to 26.

     As cover photos changed and profile pictures reposted with frames, every Stallion, no matter what level, held their breath on what was to come for the week.

Senior High School’s First Virtual Fair

     Already in its fifth year, the annual Senior High School fair still commenced virtually.

     This year’s fair was composed of the Virtual Art Exhibit, Runway Virtual Show, contests such as the songwriting competition and Family Feud - SHS edition and the first-ever E-Olympics.

     A Youth Forum was also held for the HUMSS students, and the usual bazaar for the ABM students became an FB group dubbed as NegoSSIo, where owners of small businesses had the opportunity to sell their items online.

     The fair also became a way for students to help out the wards of the Mother Theresa Spinelli Orphanage through the KabiSSIg Art Commissions Outreach project of the SHS Student Government.

Preschool and Elementary: Happy Birthday, SSI!

     For kids, the best way to celebrate a birthday is by a party!

     The students of the Preschool and Elementary departments greeted SSI on its 21st birthday through their week-long Mufti Celebration.

     Birthday-cake inspired headdresses, storytelling, and online parlor games filled the Mufti celebration of the Preschool and Grades 1 and 2 students, while the Grades 3 to 6 students celebrated their Founders’ Day Mufti with messages of why they love SSI, unified Zoom virtual background specially made for the event, and Multiple Intelligences-based activities.

Junior High School Founders’ Mufti Celebration

     Simple but meaningful was the way the Junior High School department welcomed the 21st year of the school.

They had different activities held throughout the week: Breakfast Buddies, Celebrating Art, a quiz bee entitled ExcepSSIonal Stallions, Praise and Worship, Buhay Online Students and a Pet and Garden Show. They also had their Tiktok-inspired Wellness session.

     But this was not all for their department. Their Student Government, together with the Junior Prefects, is currently hosting an online talent show called ARAM: Arts and Music Festival, which also serves as an outreach project to gather funds to buy the much needed school supplies for public school students. Their first show opened last March 13, and will go on for six more Saturdays until May 1.