ARAM: A Festival for a Cause

Article by : Maegan Co

As the COVID-19 pandemic has shunned opportunities, wishes, and progress in the lives of most Filipinos, the SSI community has opened its doors to host the 21st Founding Anniversary Celebration that will help Filipinos in need—through the Arts and Music Festival 2021.

ARAM, short for the Arts and Music Festival, actually means knowledge in Bisaya. It is one of the school’s alternative outreach projects during the New Normal. With the assistance and collaboration of the JHS Student Government, Junior Prefects, and the Office of Students and External Affairs, the program aimed to support the needs for school supplies of public school students.

          The performers of ARAM included the previous members of the performing arts groups—Sforzando, MuSSIco, SSInergy, and SSIcat. Selected students from SSIning, the school’s art varsity, also performed in the said show. 

Aside from that, the Grade 10 MI Candidates for Bodily-Dance, Bodily-Acting, and Musical Intelligence also showcased their talents and skills. Intrapersonal, Interpersonal, and Musical Intelligence Candidates were tasked to lead the routines, while the Verbal-Linguistic English and Interpersonal Candidates were assigned as masters of ceremonies. 

          As the name ARAM suggests, the audience was serenaded, wowed, and enticed by the coming of age music by the musical performers, the graceful performances of our dancers, and the true-to-life stories of the actors. 

“The audience will be able to watch the talents of performing arts students. The audience will see that despite the pandemic, the students really put their effort into their craft and hone their skills individually,” Cyrille Alfornon, one of the actors of the event, shared. 

         Iesha Fransciso, a MuSSIco member, also added how important the event was for her. 

“Before COVID happened, we would get on stage and showcase our talents to many people. But now, we aren’t able to do that for everyone’s safety. I want the audience to appreciate and acknowledge the effort of every performer to bring an amazing performance in their home through technology,” she said

Although the pandemic has closed its gate from a lot of opportunities for the SSI community, it also opened doors for us to help the people in need. With this, we can definitely say that ARAM is not just a simple program—it is a cause that aims to advocate kindness and eagerness to help those who are less fortunate. It represents the core values that SSI aims to instill so that every Stallion grows up to be kind, helpful, and hospitable.