SSI Adapts New Eponym, “SSIans”

Written by : Mr. Daniel Castillo, Principal

Every member of the Statefields School community has and will always be zealously committed to promoting and living by the motto – “Excellence through Multiple Intelligences, Positive Values, and 21st Century Skills. To uphold this commitment, it shall be incumbent upon all SSI current and former students, in particular the alumni, to continuously strive to advance their 21st Century Skills or adaptability to 21st century learning and living needs, develop their Positive Values or nobility in character, thoughts, and actions, and hone their Multiple Intelligences or superiority as whole persons.


In line with this thrust, SSI students and graduates shall from hereon be known by the soubriquet or eponym – “SSIans”. It stands for SSI adaptability, nobility, and superiority and should be pronounced as “Si-yans”.


NOTE: We shall continue using the moniker or familiar name “Stallions” in sports competitions.