Multiple Intelligences

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      Our curriculum for the Multiple Intelligences (Hobbs,2000) promotes a culture of excellence that aims to develop graduates who are endowed with:

Verbal-Linguistic Intelligence (Word Smart) - They effectively use language, spoken or written, to express themselves confidently.

Logical-Mathematical Intelligence (Logic/Number Smart) - They are systematic and organized.  They use numbers effectively and they show proficiency in categorization, classification, inferencing, generalizing, calculating and hypothesis testing. They manifest a good grasp of thinking logically and creatively promoting peaceful response to resolving conflicts.  

Visual-Spatial Intelligence (Picture Smart) - They efficiently use their sensitivity to color, line, shape, form and space to contribute to the improvement and beautification of their environment. 

Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence (Body Smart) - They have a keen sense of body awareness.  They have coordination, balance,     dexterity, flexibility and speed.  They purposefully and actively commit themselves to being productive and being helpful to others. 

Musical Intelligence (Music Smart) - They show sensitivity to sounds in their environment.  They demonstrate an appreciation of music from different cultures.  They are able to express themselves using various musical instruments and genres at the same time promote the richness of Philippine culture. 

Interpersonal Intelligence (People Smart) - They show collaboration in building a culture of professionalism and excellence.  They have the ability to understand people from different cultures, promote the welfare of others, and respect different viewpoints.  They are honest and collaborative.  They respect the rights and properties of others. 

Intrapersonal Intelligence (Self Smart) - They have a deep understanding of themselves.  They learn from their mistakes.  They are strong willed, self-confident and committed to their work.  They show initiative and accept responsibility for their own actions. 

Naturalist Intelligence (Nature Smart) - They demonstrate a passion and sensitivity to care for nature.  They promote an affinity and respect for all living beings and the natural environment.

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