Annual School Theme


“C.H.I.L.L.! - Catalyzing Holistic, Independent, and Lasting Learning!”

At this time, together, we have imbibed the students, your children, Responsiveness, Responsibility, and Resilience to be able to adapt better to the rigors and demands of the New Normal in Basic Education. This is about education having to continue despite schools remaining closed to promote the safety of everyone from COVID-19 and all emerging variants.

Picking up from and making the most out of the collective successful and enriching experiences we gained from SY 2020-2021, there is a need to reinforce positively and appropriately all these gains and learnings. Hence, for SY 2021-2022, we have though of highlighting, working on and developing specific learning habits in the students not just to help them perform better academically, this year but also in the years to come.

This theme is not as serious sounding as the ones before but it takes into consideration two learning habits that have been part of SSI's culture, holistic and lasting learning, and a third one, independent learning, a habit that is necessary to be more successful in online distance learning.


  • It is an approach in education that involves educating a child to become a well-rounded and confident adult who contributes productively to the community and develops care for others and respect for the environment.

  • It focuses on the fullest possible development of the person, encouraging individuals to become the finest that they can be, and enabling them to experience all they can from life and reach their goals.

  • It pays equal respect to the development of the emotional, cognitive, physical, and social wellbeing of the learner.


  • It is defined, organized, self-directed, and completed by the learner.

  • It includes multiple learning modalities, enables differentiation, reinforces skills fluency, allows time for students to think and process new materials, and build habits for lifelong success.

  • It encourages learners to plot thier own path, value research and inputs from peers and guidance from teachers.


  • It is about helping students retain and make effective use of their learning.

  • It involves understanding and relating ideas, making connections between prior and new knowledge, and utilizing independent and critical thinking and the ability to transfer knowledge to new and different contexts.

  • It highlights such conditions of learning as motivation, clarity of presentation, providing direct experience, level of intelligence, academic atmosphere, effective methods of teaching, reinforcement, and practice.

To catalyze is to bring about, accelerate or cause the change or reaction. Let it be the most appropriate, positive, and necessary change or reaction to the prevailing trying and troubling situation.

Live up to be responsive, responsible, and resilient whole persons
for the challenges of the future!