Annual School Theme


“Living Up to be Responsive, Responsible, and Resilient Whole Persons!”

This theme is truly a timely and fitting response as the whole nation gears up to the demands of  the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the New Normal in Basic Education brought about  respectively by the rapid change and development in technology and the prevailing  unwarranted difficult circumstances due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Schools have to remain relevant in this digital age by making optimum use of technology,  integrating the development of the learners’ 21st Century Skills in Curriculum and Instruction, and  cultivating morality. Core values like that of genuinely becoming “MakaDiyos”, “MakaKalikasan”,  MakaTao”, and MakaBansa”, emotional intelligence, service orientation, coordination with  others, and people management skills have to be engrained in each and every learner. 

Education under the “New Normal” has to be about operating an environment that secures the  health of students, completely transitioning to online modalities, empowering learners and  communities to create positive learning environments in which the student can grow,  establishing the structures for quality education, and bringing stability in a time of uncertainty. 

We need to train our responsiveness, responsibility, and resilience muscles and be ready for  figuring out and facing the unforeseen issues and unintended consequences in our Volatile,  Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous World, concerning ourselves more with education when  schools remain closed, being realistic about internet connectivity constraints, being creative and  resourceful with learning to transcend these technology constraints, focusing more on deep  thinking and deep learning, promoting greater self-discipline and independent learning, and  venturing out of our comfort zone without getting too close to the danger zone.      

To be a more responsive whole person:      

  • Ask different questions to open up new possibilities and create a more flexible, agile mindset

  • Accept multiple perspectives when dealing with a complex situation, there is a need to go out of own way to hear out others

  • Consider the big picture in complexity to see the more comfortable approach with success

  • Connect what you already know to your lives to see best points of departure for new ideas and make cross-cultural connections

  • Provide utility value to realize that content is not only interesting but also worth knowing and will fit into your current and future plans and goals

  • Build relatedness for people come to value what a likeable person says and sees worth knowing

To be a more responsible whole person:      

  • Set clear and realistic goals and invest energy in activities that extend beyond one’s self interest

  • Be persistent in order to get results for what you have worked hard for that takes time and process

  • Have self-control, manage your thoughts, emotions and temper, never let your emotions overpower your intelligence

  • Respect other people’s opinion and never argue about somebody else’s different opinion from yours

  • Be optimistic and think that everything has a purpose

  • Build self-confidence and never underestimate your strength, do what you are afraid of

  • Be contented, stop complaining, be thankful for everything you have, always know that happiness comes from contentment

  • Avoid criticisms and being envious, refrain from reacting to feedback, find joy in the success of others

  • Never blame others for rejections and failures, take responsibility for the circumstances in life

  • Cope with fears of the future, live in the present, accept and remain vulnerable to both joy and sadness which are innate in human condition

To be a more resilient whole person:      

  • Keep perspective and plan ways to tackle stresses in the future

  • Capture the opportunity, remember that praise shows what you value, praise efforts, creativity and ingenuity

  • Create a cool-down corner, take deep breaths, listen to calming music, read, distract yourself

  • Form quality relationship, new connections

  • Build competence, make it a habit to compliment and call out strengths, everyone is good at something

  • Give options, authentic choices give power and self-determination, allow one to live with the consequences

  • Connect with characters, books are great jump-off to talk about resilience

  • Encourage constant progress and identify steps to achieve goals, reflect after each step on how you get there, what one has to keep or stop doing to get to the next

Live up to be responsive, responsible, and resilient whole persons
for the challenges of the future!