Logo and Hymns

The SSI Logo

SSI LOGO 3D - 2in

The school logo embodies the beliefs, the commitments, and the endeavors Statefields School, Inc. hopes to fulfill

The laurel leaves represent excellence, productivity, and lifelong learning.

Red circles represent the intelligences and positive values to be developed among students.

The shield represents a safe, protective, and loving environment.

The four divisions of the shield represent the founders of the school, whose goal is to provide total quality education needed for the 21st century. The four divisions also represent the collaborative efforts of the school management, parents, teachers and students in building a culture of excellence.

The globe symbolizes a world-class institution that prepares students to be globally competitive while love for their country is promoted and sustained.

The dove represents the Creator. While the school aims for excellence, it recognizes the Ultimate Source of one’s intelligences, talents and capabilities, the inspiration to do one’s best - the Almighty Creator.

The new millennium, that has started in Year 2000, chronicles the birth of a total quality school in Cavite.

The School colors:

Green means Success, Growth, and Progress. The goals of each member of the school community are to grow and to make progress on any endeavor.

Blue means Calmness, Truth, Wisdom, and Harmony that characterize the school community.

Red means Strength, Energy, and Enthusiasm of the teachers and students in learning and working.

Cream means Top Institution with top caliber management and faculty members.

Statefields School Invocation

Statefields School March

(Re-arranged by: Victor Oria)

I. Hail to you

Statefields School

Where excellence only rules

Where everyone 

Grows wise with time

And here, we learn to become


Self and people-smart

Word and logic-smart

Body, music and nature, picture-smart


We will hold your banner up high

We will wave it up in yonder skies

And your true blue, red, cream, green, too

Proudly, it shall stand the test of time.

(Repeat I, Refrain & Chorus)


At Statefields School, we're one big family

Where we pursue all things in unity... unity...

(Repeat first two lines of Chorus)

We shall never, ever waver

From holding your ideals up high...

From holding your ideals up high...