Admission Procedures & Policies

Online Admission Procedures for NEW Students


  • Important: Should you fail to submit all the requirements, your child’s application will be put on hold until such time you are able to complete all the requirements.
  • Guidelines for uploading of requirements
  • File should be in PNG or JPEG format with file size of 2MB or less.
  • File name should be the full name of the student and the title of the document in parenthesis.
  • Example:
  • Report Card or F138 should have the following information: name of the school, complete name of the student, level, school year, LRN, and signature of the principal. Screenshot of F138 taken from the school portal will not be honored.


      Guidance Department/School Clinic Interview 

  • Click the SCHEDULE NOW button and choose the date and time of your preferred interview date with the Guidance and Clinic Departments. You will receive a confirmation email from the Guidance Department on the preferred date of interview once you have completed the necessary requirements. With the current pandemic, all interviews will be conducted via Zoom application. A zoom ID and password will be provided once all required documents are submitted.
  • After the interview, a notice will be sent to your registered email on the status of your child’s application.
  • or successful applications, the parent will receive an email containing the SCHOOLPARENT Agreement form and DATA PRIVACY ACT Agreement form. Please check the box on each of the Agreement forms to signify your conformity with the provisions indicated on these forms. A student number will also be issued for each applicant which will be used for the online reservation and enrollment process


      To ensure the slot of the student, you need to pay a reservation fee. To pay the said fee you need to do the following:

  • Log-in to the SSi-Connect Parent Portal;
  • SELECT Student Accounts and
  • CHOOSE Payment Order;
  • SELECT Student;
  • SELECT Other Fees - Reservation;
  • CHOOSE the method of payment;
  • PRESS the complete order button;
  • PROCEED with payment;
  • UPLOAD the electronic copy of the receipt after payment is completed ( NOTE : Applicable to payment made through OTHER PAYMENT CHANNEL).


  • If you have more than one (1) child to reserve, please follow the same process above.
  • Once enrollment schedule for the level of the child is already open, you may proceed with the enrollment process and will no longer be required to reserve.
  • Upon completion of the admission requirements and reservation, you may proceed with the enrollment process as soon as the schedule is posted in the SSi-Connect Parent Portal, school website and official facebook account.


  • Prior enrollment, applicant must submit the original copy of Final Report Card or Form 138 and a clear photocopy of his/her Birth Certificate via courier or may submit it personally to the Registrar’s Office. Otherwise, enrollment will be put on hold.

Reservation of Slots

      Before the end of the school year, Statefields School, Inc. will announce the Schedule of reservations and Enrollment of students in the different levels for the next school year. This shall be posted in the Bulletin Board and will be announced through the School Parent Interlink (SPI). Parents/Guardians are obliged to make the reservations and enroll their children based on the fixed schedule dates of enrollment to be assured of the slot for the next school year. In the event of failure to comply with the requirements, SSI reserves the right to open the available slots to the new students and deny the enrollment of its former students who failed to pay the Reservation Fee as scheduled. No extension or refund of the Reservation Fee will be granted to any Parent/Guardian after the end of the Reservation period and/or Enrollment period by SSI.

     At the school’s discretion, reservation fees of those students with unpaid accounts at the end of the school year will be credited to his / her remaining balance; thus, his / her slot will automatically be opened to qualified waitlisted student


Reservation Procedure

     Parents will receive a letter notifying them that reservation payments are already being accepted for the following school year. This is done to confirm if parents are still interested to enroll their child/ren in SSI, so as to give new students a chance to study in SSI.

      Old Students

  • Reservation is done after the receipt of the reservation letter. Letters will be given to parents through their child/ren class advisers.
  • Class advisers or students should submit all signed reply slips to the Registrar's Office for monitoring and report generation. This will be the basis for academic and administrative plans for the next school year.
  • Parents are to pay a reservation fee of Php 500.00 to retain the slot of their child for the next school year, as required in the agreement form filled out before the enrollment.
  • Slots for students whose parents failed to reserve will still be made available, until such time that the projected number of students for the next school year is met; otherwise, replacements for these students will be done.

      New Students

  • New students can automatically fill out and pay for the reservation fee of Php 500.00 upon receiving a notification from the Guidance office that the student-applicant passed the SSI entrance test.
  • Students whose notifications fall on or after the enrollment schedule could pay the tuition fee directly to the cashier.

Basis of Sectioning

      Statefields School utilizes heterogeneous sectioning, meaning; there are no best, star or honors’ sections.  Students are evenly distributed among the different sections in the level.  The following items are considered: the number of boys and girls per section, the behavior of individual students that make up the class and the academic performance of individual students in the class.