Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For Admission and Enrollment

What is the edge of Statefields School over other schools?
  • The Statefields School curriculum is anchored on Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences (Gardner, 1983); believing that intelligence covers not only verbal-linguistic and logical-mathematical intelligences, but also naturalist, interpersonal, intrapersonal, visual-spatial, musical, and bodily-kinesthetic intelligences.

  • SSI is Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities (PAASCU) Level II Accredited; it has been accredited since 2013. 

  • SSI received the EETA (Excellence in Educational Transformation Award) for excellence in Curriculum Design and Development and Learning Methodologies

  • SSI is recognized by the Center for Educational Measurement for Excellence in Leadership.

  • SSI has staged big musical productions involving more than 200 students in the school gymnasium and various venues like malls, movie theater, and the Insular Life Auditorium. If not for the pandemic that hit the Philippines and majority of the countries in the world, a grand musicale was supposed to have been shown at the Cultural Center of the Philippines’s Tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo in March, 2020. 

  • MuSSIco, the school’s orchestra, composed of about 60-70 performers is invited to play yearly at the Concert at Rizal Park, at Bacoor City celebrations, and in various venues inside and outside the school.

  • SSI uses technology in enrollment, attendance, grades, accounting, the library, and the clinic, systems and processes.

  • SSI students win in various academic and sports competitions.

  • SSI students pass the entrance exams in top universities-  UP, DLSU, Ateneo, UST, Mapua.

  • SSI students are engaged in various activities that build their character, hone their multiple intelligences and develop their 21st century skills. SSI provides various interest clubs and varsity groups. 

  • SSI aims to make our students better readers and writers by conducting weekly read-aloud and penmanship (lower levels) and silent reading time and journal writing time (for higher levels).

  • SSI teachers undergo more than a month of pre-service training prior to school year opening and in-service training within the school year. They are closely supervised and coached or mentored by the subject coordinators and vice principals.

  • SSI is a registered CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Provider, with the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC). Its CPD Training Program, named iLEAD, has been conducting professional development seminars or institutes not only for the teachers in SSI but for teachers in Cavite and nearby cities to assist them in acquiring units for license renewal.

  • SSI Senior High School has various partners for Work Immersion subject/programs.

  • SSI is committed to deliver quality education that hones the children’s multiple intelligences, positive values, and 21st century skills to enable them to become the prime movers of society promoting a deep sense of values, culture and nationalism and dedication to our faith in the Creator.

What curriculum are you implementing?
  • The curriculum is fully compliant to DepEd’s Kto12 curriculum guides (currently MELCs); anchored on and enriched by the MI Theory of Howard Gardner, integrates the core values of the school, develops the 21st century skills of students, and promotes their social emotional learning and global competence. It prepares our students for higher learning, employment, entrepreneurship and life.

What method of instruction are you using?
  • A blend of traditional and MI focused instruction with use of technology is employed by teachers.   SSI teachers are trained to get students engaged in learning using varied technology and methodologies. Our students become active learners because the teachers employ child-centered teaching strategies. Students are assessed holistically, meaning not just through paper and pencil tests but performance tasks as well.

Do you have a parent-teacher association?
  • SSI parents and guardians are very much involved in many school activities. They get information about the school through the school bulletin called- School Parent Interlink. They are also encouraged to write to the teachers through the Student Diaries. There are parent volunteers who join outreach activities of the school. Every end of the trimester, parents are invited for a PTI, Parent Teacher Interaction, to discuss with the teachers the academic and personal concerns of their children. Parents get to watch their children’s performances during school wide activities or celebrations.

    There are parents who volunteer to join various Events, Formation, Outreach, and Health and Safety Promotion activities.

What is your grading and honor system?
  • Preschool to Grade 10 students are rated trimestral while semestral in Senior High School. Their grades are based on written works, summative tests/mid-term examinations, term examinations, performance/product tasks, and other relevant assessments. Every end of each term, students who qualify for honors get certificates for academic achievements and exemplary conduct. At the end of the school year, students who qualify receive medals. Qualified graduating students are awarded medals for academic, conduct, co-curricular performance/multiple intelligences, and other special academic achievements.

What is the medium of instruction inside the classroom?
  • English is the major medium of instruction. Filipino is used in Araling Panlipunan, Filipino subject (of course) and Edukasyon sa Pagpapakatao (Values Education).

Do you have scholarship grants?
  • The Scholarship grant is given to:

            a.       Grade 6 and 10 students who graduated first and second honors in Statefields School; and,

            b.       Grade 6 and 10 students who graduated first and second honors in other schools.

            *A qualifying examination is given to students from other schools.

    The Scholarship Program grants the following benefits:

            a.       Students who graduated First Honors shall receive 100% scholarship on tuition.

            b.       Students who graduated Second Honors shall receive 75% scholarship on tuition.

            c.       Grades 6 and 10 Completers who excelled in any of the Multiple Intelligences are granted a one-time                                           percentage discount in tuition for the immediately succeeding grade level, particularly

                       in Grade 7 and 11, respectively.

How secure is your campus?
  • Students, parents, employees, teachers and guests’ belongings and vehicles are subjected to security search before they are given access inside the campus. Deadly weapons are deposited with the guard before entry. Visitors/guests are given Visitor’s I.D. at the guard. Only vehicles with school sticker are allowed to enter the school campus.


    The campus is equipped with CCTV cameras that are installed in designated areas.


    Proctors are assigned to designated areas during breaks and school activities to monitor students.


    Security Guards and proctors are given each a two-way radio communication.


    Belongings and vehicles of guests are subjected to security search before these guests are given access to the campus.


    Deadly weapons are deposited with the security personnel on duty before entry. 

How safe are your students inside the campus?
  • Students who are not allowed to commute by themselves are given an Authority to Fetch Card during the opening of classes to identify the persons authorized to pick-up them up. A Departure Permit is issued once there is a change in the child ‘s mode of transportation.

What are the qualifications of your teachers?
  • Teachers should be graduates of BEEd and BSE or have taken at least 18 units in Certificate in Teaching Program. They should be licensed after three years of probation.


    Most teachers pursue their graduate studies for professional growth. There are six teachers who are Master’s Degree holders and ten passed the comprehensive test. 

What is the ration of teacher-students in a class?
  • a.       Preschool

    Nursery levels have one teacher and one assistant teacher with 10 (for Nursery 1) and 14 (for Nursery 2) students each section. Kindergarten level has a pair of teachers with 14 students in each section. Classes in preschool are self-contained* and offer morning and afternoon shifts.


    *The class has the same teacher in all subjects.


    b.       Elementary School and Junior High School

    Each section in the elementary has a maximum of 30-36 students and 40 students in the junior high school with one teacher per subject in both departments.

    *Teachers are assigned to teach the subject of their specialization.


    c.        Senior High School accommodates 40 students for each section.

Do the students use e-book or textbook?
  • The school prefers textbooks for the following considerations. They:

           Contain additional explanation, examples, and exercises;

           Contain pictures and illustrations to boost understanding;

           Ensure better skill acquisition/information absorption;

           Are written by educators/experts;

           Provide organized units of work and balanced, chronological presentation of information;

           Are easier for browsing, note-taking, reviewing;

           Can reduce children’s computer use and screen time;

           Require no batteries, passwords;

           Help in avoiding distractions, viruses, crashes; and

           Help learners become better readers/amplify the joy of reading.


    Senior High School students and teachers use e-books in selected subjects. 

    A well-managed Learning Management System is used for online learning in the Preschool, Elementary School, Junior High School, and Senior High School departments

Do you have half-day classes for Grades 1 and 2?
  • The prototype schedule for SY 2023-2024 dismisses Elementary School by 2:00 p.m. daily.


    Subject offerings and frequencies are designed in accordance with DepEd Order no. 31, s. 2013, which bears the Guidelines on the Implementation of the Learning Areas and Time Allotment in Grades 1 and 2 of the K to 12 Basic Education Program.

Do you have shuttle service for students?
  • The school has a recognized shuttle service for students and duly registered with the LTFRB. 

Is the school non-sectarian?
  • The school is non-sectarian. However, Catholic students attend Christian Living subject and Non-Catholics students attend Edukasyon sa Pagpapakatao or Values Education subject.

What are the exploratory and specialization subjects in your TVE Curriculum?
  • Statefields prides itself with six exploratory and specialization courses, namely 1) electrical 2) electronics 3) computer programming 4) computer systems servicing 5) cookery and 6) technical drafting.

Do you have tuition fee discount for siblings?
  • We offer sibling discount to two or more children enrolled concurrently for the school year. This is applied to the tuition fee.


    If there are two children, the youngest of the siblings will enjoy 5% discount.

    If there are three children, the youngest of the siblings will enjoy 10% discount.

    If there are four or more children, the youngest of the siblings will enjoy 15% discount.

Are there any payment centers aside from paying at the school cashier?
  • Tuition, miscellaneous and other fees payment can be done through the following:

    a.       Online payment facilities through the SSI Connect Parent Portal using bank transfers, Gcash, PayMaya, Credit                       Cards or Debit (ATM) cards;

    b.       Cash and check deposits/over-the-counter payment to partner banks via Metrobank Bill payments; and

    c.        Payment to all Mlhuillier branches nationwide.

Does the school accept ESC and SHS Voucher?
  • The school accepts ESC and SHS Voucher grantees during the enrollment period.

Do you offer Saturday classes?
  • SPA is a two-season program for students. These are Saturday Sports and Performing Arts program during Saturdays within the school year and Summer Sports and Performing Arts program during the summer vacation.


    These programs are offered to students to help them make their leisure time worthwhile through selected sports and performing arts programs. 

Do you have a bookstore inside the campus?
  • There is on-going discussion with National Bookstore to resume its operation. 

What are included in the miscellaneous fees?
  • Statefields School charges miscellaneous and other fees. Miscellaneous fees are charged to the students for various expenses in relation to their enrolment with Statefields. These fees are for recollection, school projects for Grades 4 to 8, Technical-Vocational Education projects for Grades 9 and 10, registration, medical and dental fees, learning resource/multi-media center fees, guidance fees, computer classes/laboratory fees, school activities, interest clubs, and athletic fees.


    There are other fees that are collected already to avoid time to time collections. These fees are for ID, class pictures, cultural shows and field trips, and other school related activities for each level.


    Unlike in other schools where miscellaneous and other fees are collected in full upon enrolment, here in SSI, we offer paying these fees on installment based on the mode of payment you have chosen (quarterly, semestral and monthly). This is to ease our parents in settling these fees.

  • Interview and examination will be conducted onsite or face to face
What precautionary measures does the school take to prevent COVID-19 contamination?
  •  a.       Visual signages related to health and safety protocols are posted in strategic locations to serve as guide and reminder to prevent the spread and keep the school a COVID-free campus.


    Signages available:

    •    Wearing of face mask, physical distancing

    •    Proper way of washing hands

    •    Cough and sneezing etiquette

    •    Proper disposal of infectious wastes

    •    Directional guide

    •    Marks “X” to indicate unavailability for use (e.g., on the sink, comfort room cubicles, seat etc.)

    •   Step by step guide on protocols upon entry at campus


    b.     An orientation regarding health, safety and security is given to students, parents and employees at the start of the school year for guidance and compliance. Information will also be made available at the SSI- Parent portal and in the Faculty & Staff channel for reference and accessibility. 

Registrar (Admission)
  • How do I apply for Admission?

      You may visit the Admission Portal: to know the admission procedure. You can also find the link here in the school website.

  • What are the Admission Requirements?

      For the complete list of admission requirements, please go to the Admission Menu in the Home page, and then click Admission Requirements in the drop-down menu, then select the specific level you are enrolling to see the list of requirements.

  • My child's previous school has not release the final report card yet, what should I do?

      We will accept the most recent report card available. However, you need to submit the final report card upon enrollment.

  • Will there be an entrance examination and corresponding fee?

      Due to the pandemic, we waived the entrance examination and fee for this school year.

  • What is the process in reserving a slot?

      After submission and completion of admission requirements, to ensure the slot of the student, you need to pay a reservation fee. We follow the first-come, first-served basis in all our admission applicants. Please see the Admission Procedures and Policies menu in the website for more information.

  • How will I know if my child is already admitted?

      You will receive an email from the Admission's Office about the result of the application. The next procedure will be emailed to you as to what to do.

Registrar (Enrollment)
  • When will we know the schedule of enrollment?

      This will be posted in the website and the Statefields School's Official Facebook page.

  • I have 2-3 children to enroll with different schedules of enrollment. Is it possible to enroll them all on the same day?

      Yes, you may enroll your children within one day earlier than their scheduled date. However, if you plan to enroll them on a later date, you need to call the Registrar's Office for your schedule of enrollment. The contact numbers are:

Landline: CAVITE (046) 872 3281 to 82, (046) 872 3932, MANILA (02) 858-44189

Cellphone:  0918-9183281, 0917-1666622, 0922-8122509

  • Why am I directed to call the Marketing Department before proceeding with the Online Enrollment?

      This happens in order to check if there is still an available slot for the level of your child since you have not paid the reservation fee or if you have an outstanding account.

  • I will not be able to enroll my child on the scheduled date of enrollment due to financial constraints, may I request for a later date?

      Parents should inform the Registrar's Office regarding late enrollment through email: The Registrar will send a PDF copy of the Extension of Enrollment form, which is to be be filled out. However, this does not guarantee the slot if you fail to enroll on the requested later date.

  • How many students are there in one section?

      Since classes are done through Zoom, the number of students may vary for effective and quality learning, output, and interaction. Based on our current Online Distance Learning, we have a directive that Nursery is up to  10 students, Grades 1 & 2 up to 25-30 students, Grades 3-6 up to 30-35 students, JHS up to 35-40 students, SHS up to 35-40 students.

  • What would be the basis of sectioning?

      Sectioning is heterogeneous.

Official School Documents
  • Where can we see the breakdown of Tuition and Miscellaneous Fees and Schedule of Payment?

      The breakdown of Tuition and Miscellaneous fees and Schedule of payment can be seen in the SSI-Connect Parent Portal.

  • I accomplished the online enrollment of my child but have not received any assessment.

      The Tuition fee assessment will be immediately available when you enroll through the SSI-Connect Parent Portal once you follow the step-by-step procedure. Please send an email if you cannot proceed with the enrollment at

  • How much is your sibling discount?

      Sibling discount of tuition is computed based on the tuition to be paid by the youngest student in the family.

      2 Enrolled Children - 5%

      3 Enrolled Children - 10%

      4 or more Enrolled Children - 15%
  • Is there a refund of Reservation?

      Reservation fee will only be deductible from the tuition fee upon enrollment of the student.

  • Why is your tuition still the same, even if the facilities will not be used by the students?

      Approximately 80% of the tuition income is allocated to salaries and benefits of teachers and other school employees. The remaining 20% is spent on overhead and other maintenance costs of the school. The teachers continue to deliver the same quality of education to the students using online distance facilities. There are Learning Management Systems that are utilized to help our students in their online learning. The school likewise converted the classrooms to Zoom laboratories and provided dedicated internet connectivity to teachers who come to school in delivering online education. The school campus has to be maintained and regularly sanitized. In addition to this, the school pays annual fees to different government agencies.

  • I want to pay my tuition at school, can I come to school to enroll?

      Like in the previous school year 2020-2021, we decided to conduct business purely through our online portal & other online channels which require minimal face to face exchanges and interactions to conform to the physical distancing protocols. We strongly encourage parents to transact using our online enrollment facilities for their health and security.

  • What are the available payment facilities?

      Payment of tuition and other fees must be done through the SSI-Connect Parent Portal using the following facilities:

  • Online payment using IPAY88. It is a leading payment gateway provider that primarily secure online credit/debit (ATM) cards, bank transfers, GCash and DragonPay. If you use this channel, you are no longer required to email/upload payment. There is a minimal convenience fee charged by the IPAY88 to ensure and facilitate the payment. This convenience fee will go to this payment channel and not to the school.
  • Other third-party channels: using cash or dated checks, over-the-counter payments to our partner banks. Please take note of the reminder below.
  • Payment to all MLhuillier branches.

      For those who will not use the IPAY88 facility and MLhuillier branches, there will be a need to upload all your proof of payment in the SSI-Connect Parent Portal under Tuition and Other Fees in order for all your payments to be acknowledged. There is no need to send it via email.

       All official receipts will likewise be uploaded in the SSI-Connect Parent Portal under Payment History once verified from IPAY88, MLhuillier and partner banks.

  • I paid online/through bank (over-the-counter), how will I know if you have received the payment?

      If payment is done through IPAY88 or MLhuillier, the parent will no longer be required to send proof of payment. However, if payments are made directly through our bank partners, the parent must still process payment in the SSI-Connect Parent Portal using the third payment policy then upload the proof of payment in the said portal. A corresponding official receipt shall be sent likewise in the Payment History in the SSI-Connect Parent Portal.

  • I still have unpaid balances, can I enroll my child/ren?

      Settling of balance is a requirement before enrolling. If the parent wishes to raise concerns on settling their outstanding balance, the parent must call and look for the Credit and Collection Clerk. The Credit and Collection Clerk will discuss with the parent how the outstanding balance can be settled.

  • I want to pay online, can I ask for bank details?

      Various payment channels are available in the SSI-Connect Parent Portal. We encourage the use of IPAY88 gateway. Enrollment in the portal must be done first before payment.

  • I received the assessment via email but I cannot pay it immediately, what should I do?

      Upon receiving the assessment, there will be a 5-working day grace period to settle the account. If you exceed the period allowed, the parent must email a request to extend the assessment or for reassessment.

  • How should I apply for ESC?

      Please read the Guidelines for ESC Application in the website and the SSI-Connect Parent Portal. The amount of the grant is Php 9,000.

  • My child is an ESC grantee from his/her previous school last year, can I still use it this year at SSI?

      Yes, coverage under ESC is for the entire Junior High School grades (Grades 7-10). For existing ESC grantees, the amount will be deducted on the assessment depending on the payment scheme chosen. For installments, the deduction will be on the last due dates while annual payments will be deducted upon assessment. A certificate indicating that the child is an ESC grantee from the previous school will be required to be submitted.

  • How can I apply for a Senior High School Voucher for my incoming Grade 11 student?

   You must apply for Senior High School Voucher directly to the Department of Education. You may visit this website:

  • Who can assist for any other questions on enrollment, assessment, and payments for Tuition and Specific Fees?

        Kindly send all your queries to this email address: and we will be happy to attend to your queries at the soonest time. You may also refer to all our newsletters under Finance Office in our Official Website.

  • How do I register in the school's Parent Portal?

      Here are the steps that you should follow:

       1. Please visit this link:

       2. Click REGISTER

       3. Follow the online registration process (take note of the information entered in the process)


       NOTE: if you have more than one child, you can register any of them. You can add another child or children by clicking ADD STUDENT once you are inside the portal.

       You may click this link to see the video clip of the registration process:

  • I went through the process of registration but the portal says that the name of my child cannot be found. What should I do?

      Click the icon of IT Support in the upper-right side of the Parent Portal page, an IT Staff is available, ready to assist you to get through the Registration process or any other matter related to Portal use.

  • What is the use of the Parent Portal?

      The portal is called SSI-Connect Parent Portal. It serves as the means and venue to inform you and facilitate online transactions for the following:

  • School Announcements through Newsletter
  • Child/ren's Academic Performance through viewing of Scores and Report Card
  • Student Accounts - Payment Notification
  • Payment Channel - for Online Payment Facilities
  • Other concerns to maintain communication with parents.
  • What is the suggested internet speed for Online Distance Learning?

      Internet should be up to 10mpbs solo bandwidth connection speed for better Zoom Video Conferencing for the synchronous classes.

  • What is the computer specification for Online Distance Learning?

      Recommended specifications:


      Processor:                 Intel Celeron / Intel Dualcore / Intel Core i3-9100 3.60 Ghz or higher

      Memory:                    8gb Single DDR4 2666Mhz or higher

      Hard Drive:                Memory Western Digital Blue at least 1tb

      Webcam:                   at least 720px resolution, for laptop: built-in

      Headset:                    any headset with mic will work; recommended with noise-cancelling

      Network:                    Ethernet - RJ45, Wifi 802.11ac Wireless LAN

      Operating System:     Windows 10; recommended, Mac IOS OS x10.9 Mavericks or higher

  • Can a cellphone or tablet be used for Online Distance Learning?

      YES. Recommended specifications:


      Processor:                 Quad Core 1.3Ghz or higher

      Memory:                    at least 4gb

      Network:                    Wifi 802.11 Wireless LAN

      Operating System:     Apple Ipad IOS 11 or higher, Android 7.0 or higher

      NOTE: Quipper LMS and Genyo LMS are available through Web Browser. Quipper App is only available for Android. 

                  Genyo Flash-based contents are not viewable using Tablets/Phones. We recommend using a Desktop or Laptop 

                  computer to view them.

Helpful Videos