A. Curriculum

The Elementary Curriculum is aligned with DepEd’s Curriculum Guide May 2016 edition (for the old normal) and the prescribed Most Essential Learning Competencies (MELCs for the New Normal), and the school’s philosophy, vision and mission. 

B. Subject Offerings

C. Academic Features

  • Salitastasan
    This is a 3 to 5 minute-routine in Mother Tongue/Filipino that aims to teach students Filipino words they can use to understand more subjects which are taught in Filipino.
  • Balitaan
    This a 3 to 5 minute-routine in Araling Panlipunan where teachers and students discuss present current events.
  • Science Bits
    This is a 3 to 5 minute-routine in Science where teachers and students discuss present Science information, breakthroughs or phenomena.
  • Earth Awareness Topics
    The Earth Awareness Topics are linked to specific lessons, common problems and issues in the environment. These aim to inculcate among the students love for nature and the environment, and help them realize their roles as stewards of our planet, refers to environmental topics integrated in the Science curriculum.
  • Science Investigatory Project (for Grades 5 and 6 only)
    The Science Investigatory Project (SIP) is a yearlong endeavor that aims to promote science and technology consciousness among the students; intensify environmental awareness; develop research skills and writing abilities of the students; recycle and/or re-use indigenous materials for a more useful purpose; and identify the most creative and scientific research and the best group of researchers.
  • Speak English Right and Straight (SERS)
    This program requires the students and teachers to speak in English while in the designated SERS areas in the campus to provide them opportunities to become fluent and confident English speakers.
  • Journal Writing (JW)
    This is a 30-minute period of sustained quiet time where students write and make a composition or commentary on given topics. It aims to provide students with opportunities to develop their writing skills and create a composition from given writing prompts.
  • Silent Reading for Learning and Pleasure (SRLP)
    This is a 30-minute period of sustained silent reading of pre-screened and recommended fictional and non-fictional books, after Journal Writing (JW) time. This school-wide program is designed to inculcate love for reading and to increase reading comprehension and vocabulary among students, teachers, staff and the entire school community
  • Robotics
    This is part of the grade 6 computer curriculum and is given during the third term. It is also offered to SSI students who are into basic programming, doing manipulatives and assembling mechanical toys and mini-gadgets. (SPA, old normal)
  • Multiple Intelligences (MI) Portfolio(For PS to Grade 6 for the old normal)
    This is an avenue for students to display or exhibit their MI strengths and achievements. This MI Portfolio is a purposeful collection of a student’s performances and outputs that exemplifies his/her effort, progress and achievement over a period of time in the different subject areas.
  • Multiple Intelligences E-Portfolio(for Grades 5 and 6 only for the new normal)
    Grades 5 and 6 students’ MI growth/progress are showcased through an electronic or digital portfolio. Their outputs and reflection are compiled using apps and tools their class advisers will orient them with. This is prepared, presented, and submitted every term.
  • Multiple Intelligences (MI) Block(for the new normal)
    This is a once-a-week, non-academic day which aims to nurture our learners’ multiple intelligences through various non-graded activities such as Penmanship & Read Aloud (Grades 1-2), Journal Writing & Silent Reading (Grades 3-6), Arts & Crafts, Songs to learn, Virtual Tours, Dances and Exercises, Reflection and others. Head Teachers, Prefect of Students, Guidance Facilitators and the PS & ES Vice Principal also utilize this block to check on students – discipline, wellness and counseling, MI and positive value in focus for the month.
  • Entrepreneurship
    This is introduced as early as Grade 1 and reinforced as SSI students go through the different grade levels. Entrepreneurship activities are incorporated in Araling Panlipunan, Mathematics and Edukasyong Pantahanan at Pangkabuhayan (EPP).
  • Online Interest Clubs
    These are online co-curricular activities that complement the curricular program and highly support the school’s philosophy, vision-mission, and objectives, and extensively promote positive values and attitudes. These have been formed and organized to come up with activities that will develop and enhance the multiple intelligences and promote and imbibe positive values among the students. Interest clubs are observed twice a month, alternately with MI Block to engage learners in various activities that have been programmed for the year.

D. Instructional Delivery

  • Synchronous - classes via Zoom
  • Asynchronous - teacher designed lesson packages via Genyo e-Learning