Junior High School


A. Curriculum

The Junior High School Curriculum is aligned with DepEd’s Most Essential Learning Competencies (MELCs for the New Normal), and the school’s philosophy, vision and mission.

B. Subject Offerings

  • Academic Subjects : Mathematics, Science, English, Filipino and Araling Panlipunan
  • Special Subjects : MAPEH and Technical-Vocation Education: Cookery, Robotics (Arduino), Drafting, Electrical, Electronics, Computer Systems Servicing
  • Christian Living or Values Education

C. Academic Features

  • Character Formation
  • Wellness Session
  • Multiple Intelligences Block - This is a once-a-week, non-academic day which aims to nurture the learners’ multiple intelligences through various non-graded activities
  • Journal Writing - This is a 30-minute period of sustained quiet time where students write and make a composition or commentary on given topics. It aims to provide students with opportunities to develop their writing skills and create a composition from given writing prompts.
  • Silent Reading for Learning and Pleasure - This is a 30-minute period of sustained silent reading of pre-screened and recommended fictional and non-fictional books, after Journal Writing (JW) time. This school-wide program is designed to inculcate love for reading and to increase reading comprehension and vocabulary among students, teachers, staff and the entire school community
  • E-Portfolio - The Students’ MI growth/progress will be showcased through an electronic or digital portfolio. Their outputs and reflection are compiled using apps and tools their class advisers will orient them with. This is prepared, presented, and submitted every term.

D. Instructional Delivery (NEW NORMAL)

  • Synchronous - Teachers deliver the lesson via Zoom Video Conferencing where students are highly encouraged to turn their videos on for monitoring. On an average, students attend 2 synchronous (zoom) classes each day.
  • Asynchronous - Students log-in on their Quipper School Premium account to work on assigned tasks for the day. Subject teachers are on monitor and available for consultation during the students' asynchronous class schedule.