A. Curriculum

The Preschool Curriculum is aligned with DepEd’s Curriculum Guide May 2016 edition (for the old normal) and the prescribed Most Essential Learning Competencies (MELCs for the New Normal), and the school’s philosophy, vision and mission. It is focused on the development of preschool children’s:

  • Communication Skills - Listening, reading, speaking writing.
  • Sensory-perceptual - coordination between sense organs and the brain
  • Numerical Skills - counting, identifying numbers, comparing and manipulating quantities
  • Creative Aesthetic Skills - art, music, dance/movement, creative role play
  • Socio-Emotional Skills - awareness, recognition and management of one's emotions, and the emotion of others, self-control and empathy

B. Subject Offerings

*Mathematics             **Science & Araling Panlipunan

C. Academic Features

  • Read Aloud Program (RAP)
    Preschool teachers animatedly do read aloud during instruction and even during non-academic days to foster among preschool learners the joy and love for books and reading.
  • Multiple Intelligences (MI) BlockThis is a once-a-week, non-academic day which aims to nurture preschool learners’ multiple intelligences through various non-graded activities such as Music & Movement, Read Aloud/Storytelling, and Busy Hands.
  • Sand and Water Play (old normal)This is an activity which allows pupils to play with kinetic sand, colored water and water sprinkler for their cognitive, physical, psychomotor and socio-emotional development.

D. Instructional Approaches

Our learners finish preschool knowing how to read and understand narratives. Our approaches to teach reading include:

  • Four-Pronged - literature based, holistic, and places emphasis on the process of transfer
  • Thematic - areas of the curriculum are connected and integrated within a theme
  • Marungko - the approach of sounding out or deciphering as a way to learn how to read

E. Instructional Delivery (new normal)

  • Synchronous - classes via Zoom
  • Asynchronous - teacher designed lesson packages via Genyo e-Learning