Senior High School

As soon as K12 curriculum was signed into a law, STATEFIELDS SCHOOL INC. started its big task of providing the grade 10 completers a state-of-the-art facilities, innovative curricular programs and competent academic manpower. The school year 2016-2017 welcomed the pioneer batch of Senior High school students.

The SHS Offers

The Academic Track consists of four strands, namely:

  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Strand (STEM)
  • Accountancy, Business and Management Strand (ABM)
  • Humanities and Social Science Strand (HUMSS)

For all tracks, a total of thirty-four (34) subjects are covered in Grades 11 and 12. These are divided in three groups: 18 Core Subjects, 7 Applied Subjects/ Conceptualized Subjects and 9 Specialization Subjects. 

Virtual Academic Features

  • On-line academic events - In the form of webinars, a monthly online academic enrichment is provided to the students. For this activity, relevant issues are discussed by invited experts and faculty members.
  • Multiple Intelligences Celebration- As a way of recognition, a monthly online event intended to showcase the students' Multiple Intelligences is in calendar.
  • Industry Partnership- SSI Senior High has established partnerships with local and international organizations, which give the students the opportunity to present original business plans, research and innovation.
  • Creotec Inc. for the enhancement of Engineering and Technology subjects

  • Junior Achievement Philippines (JAPi) for ABM and Entrepreneurship back-up

  • Frontlearners Inc. for blended learning

  • Museo Pambata for community and outreach involvement

  • Speechpower for a total personality development.

  • Entrepreneurship - The Senior High students are trained how to maintain and sustain a small scale business, in preparation for employment and entrepreneurship.
  • Work Immersion- Students are given opportunities to experience actual work for them to become familiar with work-related environment which will help them enhance their competence.
  • Research Culture - Opportunities are given to students to present their worthwhile endeavors through organized research forum, community engagements and local programs
  • Filmmaking / SSInema- Students are taught how to make short films. The SSInema Film Festival is an annual event that showcases the creative outputs of the students in terms of storytelling through motion pictures which concludes with an Awards Night where the best efforts are given recognition.
  • Annual Senior High Fair- Scheduled in-between the two semesters, the annual Senior High Fair showcases the students’ acquired skills and competencies through various activities and output
  • Student’s Digital MI Portfolio- This Student’s MI Portfolio is an avenue for students to display or exhibit their MI strengths and achievements. The MI Portfolio is a purposeful collection of student performances/outputs that exhibits his/her effort, progress and achievement over a period of time.

Scholarship Program

Statefields School has a scholarship program for top graduates from the Junior High School of Statefields School, Inc (SSI) and other schools. This Scholarship Program aims to recognize and inspire incoming senior high school students who have shown excellence in academics and modeled exemplary behavior.  Likewise, the program aspires to sustain the student’s interest and enthusiasm in learning and that s/he may be an inspiration for other students to emulate.

The Scholarship grant is given to SSI students who completed Grade 10 with the Highest (First Honors), and High (Second Honors) honors. This scholarship grant may likewise be extended to Grade 10 completers from the public schools and other private schools with Highest Honors/First Honors, High Honors/Second Honors and have passed the SSI qualifying test. 

The Scholarship Program grants the following benefits:

  • Students who completed Grade Ten with First Honors shall receive 100% scholarship on tuition

  • Students who completed Grade Ten with Second Honors shall receive 75% scholarship on tuition

Class Hours and Consultation Periods

Attendance shall be checked during the synchronous class periods (Grade 11 is 8:00 to 12:30 pm; Grade 12 is 12:30 pm – 5:00 pm). The asynchronous period is allotted for self-pace learning. The structured consultation hours are included in the asynchronous period.