Guidance Services


      The Guidance Services Department plays an important and active part in the entire educational process especially at this time of unforeseen situation, the pandemic. It aspires to contribute to the student’s holistic development in terms of growing awareness and understanding of oneself, developing self-concept, attitudes and values, intellectual, psychological – emotional, social and moral maturity for optimum development and achievement, as a unique and a balance person during online distance learning.

SSI Guidance CARES

Our Mission


     The Guidance personnel fully commit and dedicate themselves to discover, develop and enhance the uniqueness of each individual student, inculcate positive values in him/her and enhance his/her multiple intelligences through appropriate, comprehensive and effective guidance services which mission is to build partnerships with students and parents.


Our Vision

      The Guidance Services Department of Statefields School Inc. envisions itself to be an effective support system of the SSI community through its provision and involvement in the various facets of the students’ lives from diagnosis to the development of their emotional, spiritual, and psychological growth, thus producing well-integrated and competent individuals.   

Our Philosophy

     We recognize the uniqueness of each individual.  As such, it is our endeavor to assist the students attend to their personal, social, academic concerns and career related needs, and also, to unlock individual’s potential towards the holistic growth and development. 


General Objectives

     In line with the educational philosophy of the school that every child is born smart and has the competence to bring himself to the realization of his full potentials, we are committed to deliver a PARTNER-SHIFT C.A.R.I.N.G. Guidance Program for: 

  • Extending assistance to each student towards the attainment of optimum adjustment towards ONLINE DISTANCE LEARNING life and schoolwork. 
  • The total advancement and growth of the multiple intelligences and positive values of individual students.


     The Guidance Services Department seeks to attain these through these objectives:  

  • Counseling Service, to help the student discover himself and to assist him to develop a realistic self-concept for optimum self-actualization.
  • Group Guidance Program 
  • Testing Service , covers admissions and achievement, psychological testing, vocational and career assessment and testing for faculty and staff applicants.
  • Training Programs, for PARENTS, FACULTY, STAFF and CAREGIVERS.
  • Individual Inventory Service, maintains an organized and comprehensive record of each student that contains pertinent information regarding his/her family and scholastic background, psychological test results and records of significant incidents in his/her life.
  • Career Guidance and Placement Service, prepares students and facilitate their admission to colleges and universities and guides them in choosing college courses
  • Research function, makes meaningful interpretations and interrelations of various information from students’ psychological tests profiles and counseling and training records to provide useful inputs to the academic group.
  • Special Programs, provides assistance and linkage to Support Groups in offering assistance and fostering collaboration among students, faculty, home and the community.

PartnerSHIFT Activities

  • Managing Emotions and Changes Queries (MECQ) aims to establish rapport and strengthen the connection of the facilitators with the teachers, students and parents.
  • Guidance TV (G-TV) is a YouTube channel created to coach, guide and remind everyone of the experiences that are happening in the current times.
  • Guidance Testing and Interview Calling for feedback (GTIC) is comprised of testing, online interview and feed backing.
  • Creating Opportunities for Productivity during ECQ (COPE) department
  • Student Acquired Profile (SAP)
  • Let Guidance Understand (LGU) is a routine interview done in groups.
  • Guidance and Counseling Quest (GCQ) is the monthly guidance classes.
  • Enhancing Capabilities during Quarantine (ECQ) consists of online workshops/ trainings/symposia that aim to develop positivity in students.
  • First Day Hi!  is a welcoming program for the students during the first week of class.
  • 3. PARENTS
  • Partnership with Parents in Education (PPE) consists of parenting webinars that discuss ways in which parents can support their children.