Learning Resource Center

The Basic Education Library

  • Program Orientation

    An orientation on library rules and regulations, policies and procedures, organizational set-up and personnel, proper upkeep and use of materials, the different library sections, and various services it offers is given to all students. 

  • Good Learning Environment

    Air conditioning and proper lighting are maintained to give comfort to library users. A state-of-the-art automated system featuring the Follett Destiny Software and online public access catalogue (OPAC) is in place.

  • Quick Processing

    Students borrow books by means of scanning their identification cards for quick processing and accurate recording. Receipts are issued to each borrowing student for reference and proper monitoring.

  • Open-Shelf System

    An open-shelf system is in use for fast and easy browsing and borrowing of books. Newspapers, journals, and periodicals are provided to encourage students' interest in current events.

  • New Acquisition of Materials

    Full management support and close coordination with the administration, faculty and staff are employed to ensure the proper choice and immediate acquisition of new books and other instructional materials.

  • Assistance

    Extensive assistance is provided to students and teachers in doing their research work and as they: 

  • strive for excellence and aspire for global competency;

  • develop and practice positive values;

  • demonstrate a love for life-long learning and a desire to achieve a better quality of life;

  • recognize and develop their multiple intelligences working on the achievement of their goals;

  • equip and enable themselves with 21st century skills to be proficient and ready for college, entrepreneurship or work; and

  • care for the environment.

The Audio-Visual Room and other Services


    Adequate use of technology is easily accessible and available to enhance and promote the teaching-learning process through the use of an air-conditioned, well-lit and spacious audio-visual room for film-viewing, small group discussions or interest clubs meetings and a wide-array of instructional and self-help learning modules in DVD.


    Closely supervised internet access and affordable document scanning, printing or photocopying on a first come, first served basis are available to the students and teachers.


    Due to the prevailing circumstances where face-to-face classes remain suspended, a virtual reference service is made available to administrators, teachers, and students via Facebook. Named as Statefields Library Instant Messaging or Stacey LIM, it also posts announcements and offers engaging activities to the students.