OSEA Overview


      The Office of Students and External Affairs (OSEA) aims the following:     

  • to provide students, parents/guardians, and the SSI community pertinent information regarding the new normal set-up in partnership with the different offices such as the Information Technology Department, Guidance Office, Administration Department and the Academics Department;

  • to build an active partnership with the Alumni through worthwhile and fund-raising activities that help create useful projects for the students and other beneficiaries of the school;

  • to spread awareness and information campaign on health and wellness, safety and security through networking with the local government unit and other establishments as community resources;

  • to provide opportunities for SSI students to share their talents, intelligences and skills to help children in nearby communities and public schools; and

  • to conduct various student activities and projects of the office that respond to the needs of SSI students, their parents/guardians, faculty and staff, and alumni.

Departments under OSEA

  • Student Activities

  • Discipline

  • Community Outreach

  • Publications, Communication and Documentation

  • Alumni Association

  • Parents' Network

SSI - Office of Students and External Affairs