The Registrar's office is the repository of all students’ personal and academic data. It processes admissions and enrolment, and generation of grades, honors and awards. It acts as liaison to the Department of Education and other institutions for education and other related purposes and services. .          

Procedure in Requesting Student Documents:

(as of June 1, 2021)
  • Please email the Registrar's Office for the request.
  • You will receive a confirmation and request form to be filled out.
  • Fill out the request form, and send it back via email, together with the receipt for the payment for documents that require payment.
  • Parents and guardians may follow up via the Registar's email.
  • Requested documents may be sent through email (upon request) or may be claimed fromt he Registrar's Office on the appointed claiming day. (Please observe the number of days preparation stated in the request form)

      If you processed your request through the SSI-Connect Parent Portal, please notify the Registrar's Office via email and attach the receipt of confirmation.

      The Registrar will only process the request upon receiving the request form and receipt.

Contact us:

Registrar's and Admissions Office

  • Admissions -

    For inquiries on application/admission procedures, submission of requirements, tuition and other fees, admission/confirmation results;

  • Enrollment -

    For inquiries on enrollment procedures, reservation and/or confirmation of enrollment, class schedule & class list;

  • Registration -

    • o For requests for official school records and inquiries on grades and withdrawal procedure, and
    • o For the release of students’ records/documents/IDs for educational purposes.